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Handmade Original - DIY ABCs

$2000.00 USD

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A set of four original illustrations from a DIY ABCs picture book featured in Frizzi Frizzi and American Illustration. Each work measures 12x18 and is made with acrylic and ink on textured tan paper.

About this project:

DIY ABC’s is an alphabet picture book that, rather than teaching the alphabet, reminds children and adults alike to pursue the art of do-it-yourself (DIY) projects. 

It’s a book that’s meant to be revisited – for DIY project ideas and simply as something visually engaging to flip through. The author also hopes for these pages to be a way to spark curiosity among younger readers. Why would one choose to swap clothes instead of buying new? How does one grow vegetables at home? The book only hints at the answers, leaving room for conversations to grow in the home and the community.

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